Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Herb Hillz, Daegu - Take 2

A few weeks ago we went back to Herb Hillz in Daegu.  For those that remember, this is the same place that I celebrated my birthday last year.  I have been dying to go back since last year and we finally made it a few weeks ago.

The park has grown substantially from last year. We didn’t have time to play after our obstacle courses were over since we had train tickets waiting for us but they’ve definitely added a lot. Now there is a petting zoo, animal shows (this place is obviously right up my alley), and a few traditional theme park attractions and shows.  I do hope to go back again soon to see the other experiences this place offers.  But now…on to the obstacle courses!!!


There are 4 adult level courses, 2 children courses.  Last year, a friend and I did Level 3, the King Kong course, because it was touted across the internet as the most fun. It definitely lived up to the hype.  This year, because I had to outdo last year, a few of us did Level 4, the Tarzan course.  It was definitely hard.  Really, really cool but just plain hard.


The Tarzan crew…


We did it.  We’re awesome.

Photo highlights below.  I had too many photos from this trip that I liked so below is most of them.  All pictures can be enlarged for detail by clicking on them.  And thank you Bart for letting me steal your pictures!


The end.

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