Thursday, June 14, 2012

Enjoy Chewing!~♥

Two words that you never want to see on your bottled beverage. 

Tonight I tried a new drink with my dinner.  Lychee juice.  I’m not a fan of lychee’s necessarily but I find that their flavor is pretty mild so I wasn’t too concerned.  And, I was sucked in by the pretty label and the pleasant pink color. DSCN3113

I could tell that it had little fruit chunks in it, which I have become accustomed to here, but once I got back to my classroom and read this on the label…gross.


The drink was delicious, a sweet though very mild flavor. The fruit chunks give it a nice consistency as well. But “enjoy chewing” AND a heart?!?!  really?


And for those who don’t know what a lychee is (because I didn’t pre-Korea), it’s an odd little fruit.  It’s a soapberry.

Lychees have the texture of peeled grapes but it’s firmer.  It has a clean, fruity essence (because that makes sense in my head) but the taste is fairly non-existent. It’s not unpleasant.

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