Friday, September 2, 2011

My Students & Their Pets

During our middle school prep period I am given an exorbitant amount of “Free Speak” classes with my elementary students. With these classes, I am expected to come up with hours of games and entertainment for these children, and ensure that they are speaking English while we are “having fun.”  I’m not that kind of teacher. However, every third month I have to be that kind of teacher so we make it work.

One of my most used exercises is that I give them a topic, they have to draw me a picture about said topic, and then they have to tell the class a story about their picture.  Depending on class size this can take only ten minutes, or you can stretch it up to the better part of an hour if you need to.  Here are my two favorite pictures.

The topic was “Pets.”  Tell me about your pet, my pet, an imaginary pet, whatever you want that has anything to do with a pet.  And this is what they came up with….

#1.  This is a Teacher Amy balloon.


A balloon of my head is his pet.  (Weird, huh?)  He takes his Teacher Amy balloon for walks in the park twice a day because I like to be outside.  At night, I sleep in the kitchen.  When the balloon starts to deflate he fills me back up with air to keep me alive and healthy.


#2.  My pet.  This is part dragon, chicken, pig and I’m not really sure what else.  The chipmunk riding on a cloud? That’s me.


The top picture is of my animal flying me home to America.  I miss my family very much so my pet can fly me home whenever I want.  The bottom half is once we reach America, we walk to my home to visit my family and friends.  Thankfully my pet is so fast that we can go home anytime and always be back in time for school the next day.

If only that were real.


  1. it! And I thought Korean kids struggled with creativity! What inspiration! Very cool.

  2. I love those pictures!!! I'll have to do that exercise with my students when I need to fill time. It looks like they really enjoyed themselves!