Saturday, September 17, 2011

I’m A Good Little Patient

Every doctor I’ve had as an adult has told me that.  Well, except one, but he was not a nice doctor.

Two wisdom teeth were removed on Friday and I’ve been eating pudding galore for the past 36 hours.  It frustrates me that they would only do two at a time, but I’ll work with it.  I don’t know when I will be able to get time off work again for the other two but at this point in time, it’s at the bottom on my list. The two that most needed to be out were removed so, I consider that success.

Due to gross reasons of which I will spare you the details, my doctor told me afterwards that my extraction was basically a worst case scenario.  More bruising, more swelling, longer recovery time, etc. I had to sign a waiver (that was all in Korean) prior to the surgery.  I assume it was releasing them of any fault caused by any complications.  That seemed normal to me.  Additional teeth possibly broken in the process, potential nerve damage.  Nothing I wasn’t aware of going in. I do my research on things like this.  But it was at this point that I was wishing my doctor knew a little more English than he had. There was a dental assistant (I don’t know her actual title) but her English was quite good so she helped a lot.  I also don’t completely think she was Korean.  Maybe Russian. I should have asked her name. She had an accent that I couldn’t recognize but she was really helpful and so very pleasant.

Anyway, worst case scenario….  during the surgery (where I received local anesthetic, not put to sleep) the dentist kept cursing in Korean.  Perhaps he thought I didn’t know those words.  Silly man.  I’m a teacher.  I don’t know them well enough to use them, nor do I want to, but I know them well enough to recognize when my students and/or doctors are using them.  My teeth clearly had no intention of being removed from their home.

I went back this morning for a quick check-up and all is fine. I’m not in any pain, just really uncomfortable from the swelling. I feel like I got punched in the face. I go back next Friday morning to have the sutures removed and then I’ll be done.  I’ve downloaded maybe a half dozen girly chic flicks, as well as a couple seasons of House M.D. (I’ll admit, I was actually looking for seasons of Full House but got distracted.) Cabin fever has totally set in, but I need the swelling to go down before work on Monday so I’m still resting and taking all my medicine like I’m supposed to. And Charlie has been taking excellent care of me.  For the first time in our 7+ years together, he’s being that concerned, attentive dog that I’ve heard so many people talk about. I got Japanese udon noodles for dinner tonight so I could have a little more nutrition and a little less sugar.. So far, so good.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better and have graduated from pudding to udon.

  2. Glad to hear you're on the mend. We don't want House, in Korea, having to diagnose your wisdom teeth while he's also your substitute teacher.

    Four wisdom teeth at once is good, being put to sleep is better and having Gary Coleman like cheeks for two days is the best.

    Imagine the stories your dentist told over Soju :)