Thursday, September 8, 2011

If The Sun Never Set The World Would Be a Desert


One of my students told me this in my advanced free speak class this week in response to the question “What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?”  It’s some kind of proverb, not sure if it’s Korean or of another descent. And I think she read it in a newspaper, rather than it being the wisdom of a parent or a wiser been there/done that older sibling.

Today, was d-day.  Wisdom teeth/Linkin Park day.  A day that I bought floor seat tickets for over two months ago. A day that even the thought of it would bring me to a state of me incredible joy. While the wisdom teeth/Linkin Park combination isn’t exactly ideal, I could have made it work.  I’m a rockstar, especially with some Korean painkillers in tow.  I’d have been just fine. However, today (d-day) is now known as just another day. Just another normal day where I sit at my desk (not on a train to Seoul) with no lingering dental pain from an early morning surgery. My school was kind enough to help me with rescheduling my wisdom teeth for next Friday, September 16. (That’s not sarcasm.  The simplest things such as rescheduling a doctor’s appointment becomes very difficult when you don’t speak the language.) We’ll be in middle school testing period next week so it’s easier for me to get time off.  I get that.

So, I believe it’s true. I have had an amazing experience in Korean thus far, and have truly been able to do everything that I have wanted to do.  Not once have I had to turn down an opportunity of something that I’ve wanted to see or experience because of scheduling or financial constraints.  It’s been amazing. But at some point, the sun has to set.  It’s the universe’s way of keeping everything in equilibrium. If that makes sense.

So here’s to you, Linkin Park.  Consider this a rain check until we end up in the same country together.


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