Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sushi & The City

Sunday evening after old downtown (and after fake naps at Amy’s apartment) the three of us met up with Karissa and headed to California Roll down the street for dinner.  This is Amy’s favorite place for sushi.  Now that I am a master with chopsticks, I had to try out my new talent with sushi.

Here are a couple pictures of our order being made.  We had a California roll, dragon roll and tempura.  Being the adventurous person I am (insert sarcasm), I went out of my box and tried the eel.  I smothered it in wasabi, so it didn’t taste so bad.  I actually had two.

The pictures will tell the story, enjoy!


(The sauces on the sushi rolls are ketchup(ish), honey mustard and mayo – Korean style.  Sounds odd, but it was good!)


Headed off to Dr. Fish from here… for next blog!

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