Monday, May 16, 2011

Seoul – Day Two

For our second day in Seoul we had a full schedule planned.  The hotel had a shuttle that took us through Seoul which was a huge help.  We started out in Itaewon for a late breakfast/early lunch at the highly recommended All-American Diner, aka Richard Copycats.


It amazed me the number of foreigners around Seoul.  I am so used to Daejeon where I can easily go a few days seeing no other foreigners that it was bit unsettling to see so many in one place.  Granted we were in Itaewon and Myeongdong most of our time in Seoul and both of those areas are huge for foreigners, but still, it was a little weird for me.

After lunch we did a bit of shopping then caught a cab to Changdeoukgung Palace where we took a tour of the Secret Garden.  It was beautiful!  Below are a few pictures…


I loved it.  The Palace itself is gorgeous, but views in the Secret Garden were breathtaking. 

After the palace tour we took a taxi to Myeongdong for a little shopping, dinner, and then we had 8pm reservations at Nanta.  Before Nanta, we decided on some fresh seafood for dinner…


Not really. We went to a deli and had pizza.

Nanta can best be described as Blue Man group with knives and it’s listed as one of the top ten things to do in Seoul. The following video is a Nanta promotional video.  It’s about 7 minutes long so you don’t have to watch the whole thing but the show was incredibly cool.  We were both really impressed by it.



  1. Fresh seafood - not really! Ha ha!

    Nanta looks fun.

    And I love the pictures of the secret garden and the palace. Alexander referenced the palace in his SoKo project.

    What's the inside of Richard Copycat's look like?

  2. It looks like a normal American restaurant. And it's only patrons were foreigners! They even had a spam sandwich on the menu.