Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last Day in Daejeon

Monday was a quiet day as we spent most of our time planning our Seoul trip.  We did head out for lunch and dinner.

For lunch we went to Sinpo Woori (Always Happy) and dinner was at Garten which is a Soju and Hof restaurant. I also want to point out it said “Family Restaurant” on the sign, but it was mainly business men enjoying bottle after bottle of soju.  There was even a drinking game built into the tables.

At lunch I tried something else new, bibimbap, which is a signature Korean dish.  It is rice with different vegetables and it had a raw egg on top which cooks when you stir it.  It is served in a stone bowl which is hot – this cooks the egg.

Amy had dok soup, one of her favorites!  The soup she got could have fed an army. It was unexpectedly enormous!  We also had mandu (Korean dumplings).


Bibimbap and dok soup

For dinner we made some new friends, and I use that term loosely.  At the table next to us were two gentlemen, and the wife of one of them.  They actually requested to take these pictures with us, we did not ask them.


The gentleman in the sparkle tie (one of my absolute favorite things about Korea, btw) asked Allison if she was a Russian.  That’s the polite way of asking if she is a working girl.  We quickly told them we were American but he remained quite smitten with us anyway, despite the fact that his wife was sitting right next him.  They shared their fruit platter with us, so we shared our quesadillas with them.  This dinner was the hottest food I have had in Daejeon in seven months.  Needless to say, I ate very little. 


We also went to the grocery store today but Allison will write another blog about that later.


  1. Amy- you forgot to mention that we got flavored soju.....that is good! It is a frozen blended drink! I probably like it because you can't taste the soju.

  2. oh yes, soju cocktails are delicious!