Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunday In Daejeon

Sunday we met with Marisol to go see old downtown.  (I live in new downtown.)


First we took Allison to a Korean market (above), then headed into the heart of downtown (below).



For lunch we had McDonalds.  This McDonalds has a takeout window which was popular on a hot day like today. Everyone was getting ice cream!  Note the masks.  We did see a number of people in masks while Allison was in town.  Many Koreans wear masks to either keep themselves healthy or if they are sick (by doctors orders) they have to wear them to keep their germs to themselves.


There was a rapping competition going on in the street. Here is a video we were able to get.

Here is proof that I am not the only blonde in Korea! However, this is also proof of why Allison brought hair dye for me.  That’s just not a good look.


We saw these tornado fries (potato chips) that were shown on Food Network and had to try.  They look like they are served hot, but they were cold.  They were very good!


We also stopped at the bakery in town and checked out the cake display.  This is the oldest and largest bakery in Daejeon.  At one of the places we stopped earlier we saw tomatoes as a fruit decoration but not today when we had the camera.


Socks are quite popular here!  This set made us laugh!


We walked around town a little and stumbled upon this river with a path around it.  We sat at the waterfall and I just want to point out that the ledge is heated!  Genius!


We took the subway to and from old downtown.  Of course we (we = Allison) had to take a picture while in the subway!


We had a great day before heading home to have sushi for dinner….check out the next post for that experience.

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