Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Tokens of Wisdom

My hagwon (Korean word for academy) recently started assigning weekly readings that all students have to read and write a short essay about their impression of the story.  I have been given the phenomenal task of grading these little jewels.  The first assignment they were given was a reading entitled “King Alfred and the Beggar.”  Here are just a few of my favorite quotes…

“But, I do not understand the prince. Why did he lose his money and honor? When I had this problem I just selected honor. The 21st century is all about competition.”

“He may seem like a hobo but he acted like a real prince.”

“I read this book and I think I would help the beggar.  Then I will be a good girl.  So, I am the most popular person!  Oh yeah!! But, who is the beggar? … I don’t know. Help me, I really wonder.  And this book’s contents are not good.  It is very boring.  So I demand hagwon, please select an interesting story. I leave today demanding and asking.  I’ll be back…”

“I would want to be a person with grace rather than a beautiful face.“

"I read this story because it's demanded in private educational institute. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”  continuation of the same essay…  "Look at this homework.  Teacher say ‘do you believe God?’  I'm sorry, it's a joke."

“The book says when we help the poor, blessings will come to us.  Also, I realized that I am not conceited, I help others, and I’m always satisfied with that that I have.”

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