Monday, February 27, 2012

I’ve officially crossed the line…

I’m admitting it.  I have no shame in what I’ve done. (Well, maybe a little shame.) We’ve all done things that we take great pleasure in but we aren’t completely proud of ourselves for doing. This is mine… I can say honestly that this is the first one of those moments that I’ve experienced since I moved to Korea sixteen months ago.  I’ve long denied that I am this type of person but now I’ve done something (rather, purchased something) that puts me in a situation where I can no longer hide in denial. 

In effort to be honest about what I’ve done below is photographic proof.


I bought the boys winter coats.  I know… I’m embarrassed, too.  (Come on, they were on sale!!!! And they look so cute!!)


With a sequin “W” for the wiener dog.


And since Messi was named after a famous soccer player, I thought this one was most appropriate.

Yeah, I’m one of those dog moms. I admit it.  I never was before Korea (believe me, I’ve asked.)  While, admittedly, I do have the best wiener dog on the whole planet, I’ve never been that mom.  Never.  I swear. Well, thank you, Korea, because now apparently I am. 

Either way, I pull out the jackets and the tails start wagging so they like them just as much I do!


Aren’t they cute?!!?


  1. I graduated high school with your Dad many, many moons ago! Love your site and think your teaching journey is truly remarkable. How often do you get to come back home? Glad you have your "children" with you. They can be great company. Loads of luck to you. S.P.Thomas/Monroe, La

  2. Hello! and thank you so much for reading. I only get to go home once a year for an 3-4 week vacation. Already looking forward to a trip home this winter!