Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cupcake Class!!!

Most everyone that know me knows that I have a love affair with cupcakes.  This weekend (in Korea!!!) my friends and I took a cupcake class where we learned how to decorate cupcakes. It was awesome kinds of fun! 

We took the class in Eunhang-dong (은행동), where it is part of the Sung Sim Dang bakery and The Flying Pan restaurant. For those in Daejeon wanting to do this, it was held at The Oven Story which is on the third floor of The Flying Pan.

And this is our lovely group of bakers, minus Joseph. He came in a few minutes late.

Elizabeth, Lily, Lee Ann and myself.  We’re awesome.

We weren’t really sure what to expect from the class.  We knew cupcakes obviously, but we weren’t sure if it was baking, decorating, or both.  It turned out to be just decorating which was fantastic.  Our teacher, Sole, had studied culinary in Italy for at least a few years so her English was really good.  Admittedly, that helped a lot.

They had chocolate and yellow cupcakes already prepared and we were each told to choose 6.  As I don’t really care for chocolate cake I chose only 1 chocolate and 5 yellow cake.  We each made one frosting…
We were able to chose the frosting flavors. Together we decided on chocolate, coffee, melon/mint (that was delicious!), mango, and strawberry which I made.  Sole also made a cream cheese icing.  Everybody likes cream cheese icing. Then she showed us basic icing techniques.
100_0104Then we got started on our own.
They provided several toppings for us to choose from-sprinkles, chocolate syrup and shavings, sugar decorations and cookies.  This is where Lee Ann found my husband.  I don’t believe you’ve heard about him, but he’s been a small part of life here in Korea. 
You need a close-up, you say?  Okay.
100_0115-001 Isn’t he handsome? I’ve always had a thing for boys in glasses. 

I’ll spare you details of the decorating, but all in all, it was a great day!  The class lasted a little under 2 hours but probably would have taken much less time had we not been so quite so goofy in the kitchen. 
Kaoi, Baoi, Bo!  (Rock, Paper, Scissors!)
Here are my finished cupcakes.  Some are not exactly beautiful but others, I think, are quite lovely.  I should do this more often. I loved it.
DSCN2595 (The two on the left are my favorite!)
They also teach Italian and Korean cooking classes at The Oven Story. We fully intend in scheduling both in the somewhat near future.

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