Monday, January 2, 2012

Back in Korea Update

I've been ordered to blog.  Apparently, I've been slacking.  My apologies.

In chronological order....

1.  I had the most amazing trip home.  Words cannot even begin to describe it.  I've never been so at peace in St Louis in my 30 years of life.  It was simply perfect. I had two weeks with family there and of course, that still didn't seem like enough.  I could have happily stayed a month.  Other than celebrating Christmas a few weeks early and meeting my nephew for the first time, nothing really of merit happened.  I was just able to enjoy the relaxed company of family, slept, and ate (a lot).  It was bliss.  I love my family.

Orlando was very awesome as well.  A few unexpected road bumps during that week and a half, but that's alright.  It was still a wonderful week despite the few unforeseen challenges. We had an early Christmas with Matt's family. I got to pet a cow at Gatorland.  (That was pretty cool.)  Oh, and I might have contracted Turkey Rabies. Eh.  I was able to catch up with several old Aflac friends, and a few Disney peeps as well.  The weather was a gorgeous 75 degrees and sunny everyday I was there.  Imagine my shock when I landed in snowy 24 degree weather back in Korea. 

It was wonderful to come home to Charles, and I knew he was ready for me to be back, too.  Lee Ann dropped him off earlier in the day so that was a lovely surprise.  As I was pulling my suitcases into the apartment I saw the blankets on my bed start to come to life.  I love my dog!  If you knew him, you'd love him that much too.  He's a small person trapped in the body of a dog.  He's simply perfection.

Taking three and a half weeks off work was amazing but about halfway through I started feeling a little gluttonous for begging and pleading for an additional two days.  That's a long time to be away from work. I also came back to Korea with two more suitcases than I took home.  After living away from family for 12 years, I should be used to this by now and have been more prepared.  Christmas presents were pretty fantastic this year though. I couldn't bare to leave much of it behind.  (My apologies to those in both StL and Florida that I wasn't able to make time to visit with.  Next year! I promise!)

2.  I'm happily back in Korea now for at least the next 11 months.  We'll see what's happening around late summer and then I'll figure out what's next...  Maybe stay here, maybe go somewhere else, maybe go home...  where's home? I have no idea. I have been very quickly reminded how much of a vortex Korea is.  Time moves here at an incredible speed.  I've already been back for over a week yet, I still feel like I just got back.  (In all fairness, I just unpacked yesterday. That might be part of it.)

The weather here is horribly cold but the snow makes it lovely and a bit more tolerable.  Snow is much less annoying when you don't have a car, a driveway to shovel, or any real form of responsibility.  I just have to walk myself two blocks to and from work everyday and that's about all that's expected of my outside ventures.  I'm officially in hibernation mode til Spring...

3. Which also means I'm reading more.  That's good.  I picked up several books while I was home, maybe I'll actually read them this year. I just finished Imperfect Justice, the book about Caylee Anthony and Casey's trial.  If you were as emotionally involved in the trial as I was, I highly recommend it.  It's informative without being boring.  Well-written.

4. My classes are the best they've ever been.  There's probably several reasons for this.  I got the break I needed.  The kids got their break from me.  I came back with about $100 worth of candy.  See, multiple reasons.  Pop Rocks, Warheads, and a scorpion sucker have made for some very cool classes though!

Yesterday was New Year's Day.  I'll have another blog about that.  If yesterday was any indication, 2012 is going to be a pretty amazing year. Good friends.  Good adventures.  Good times.

Oh, and I took zero pictures during my time at home.  Sorry.  The next blog will have pictures again.  I know pictures make things more fun to read.

Happy 2012!

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