Monday, August 15, 2011

Linkin Park & Wisdom Teeth

Dear Karma,

It’s my fault, I know this.  I taunted you a month ago and I’m sorry you didn’t find it as funny as I did.  I’ve learned over the last few years that you are a force well beyond my own understanding and are one of the only three undisputable facts of life - cemented firmly between death and the IRS. You keep the universe in check.  I respect that. Although you have definitely kicked my bum a few times - and it was always well deserved - I generally am a huge fan of your work. I work hard to be a good person so you have often been very gracious to me. This time, though, it’s personal. 

As you know, I have become quite fond of Korea’s national healthcare.  I love national healthcare and I am taking full advantage of it during my tenure here.  Currently up on the list is to have my wisdom teeth removed.  Having all four removed, including one that is impacted, will cost me about $100.  What a bargain!  Who wouldn’t want to have this procedure at that price?  Ok, I realize the answer to that is not a lot of people.  I’m strange.  I am forever grateful to my parents for raising me to not have doctor, dentist, or needle issues like so many people have.  You just do what you have to do and don’t cry or complain about it.  Because of this, I am wholeheartedly embracing the opportunity that I have here. I never visit the doctor for little stuff (ie appendicitis and a broken ankle), but certain things (skin, back and teeth issues) are deemed kind of important.

As you also know, Linkin Park is the church choir to my faith.  They speak to me in ways that no one else can and are always capable of bringing me back to center, no matter how difficult the circumstances may be. I bought these tickets about two months ago. In that time, I have begged, pleaded and found an appropriate substitute so I could have that night off work. I could have taken the easy way out and planned to call in sick to work, but that’s not me. I tried very hard to do this the correct way and have my director’s approval.  I’m a good person, Karma.

About a month ago (before I had found a substitute) I had made the joke with friends that I would just get my wisdom teeth out the same day so my director would feel sorry for me and give me the day off.  It was a bad joke. I know this now. But last Friday when I went to the dental hospital to get x-rays and a quick exam, my extraction was scheduled for September 8th. The same day as Linkin Park. Did I mention floor seats?  Not cool.


Amy Kate


  1. When you write your book, it might need to be entitled "Dear Karma." I suggest writing it quickly because, according to Amazon, this title has not yet been used for a book.

  2. Oh no. I know how much you wanted to see Linkin Park. I'm sorry.

    Linkin Park- if you are reading my comment, you need to please come again to South Korea next year!!! Please schedule your concert over the weekend so that American's living there are able to attend without taking off work. Thank you.

  3. Can you still go to the concert? When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, I was fine after like 2 hours....Or do you need surgery? O_o

  4. I have to have surgery BUT I'm still going to try to go. I'll have to wait and see how uncomfortable I am.

  5. I hope it goes well for you. Some people feel fine after sedation and getting the wisdom teeth removed, like Nadia. Although the results vary from person to person. Well, my fingers are crossed -- hope you get to attend the concert and get your wisdom teeth removed!
    -Bianca Jackson