Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Batting Cages

This is my new favorite thing.  I know you don’t believe me. It’s okay.

While athletic ability is most definitely a recessive gene in the McCloskey gene pool, I find great joy in this.  It’s not about showing my skills with a baseball bat. It’s about aggression therapy.  And it’s awesome! 


Ignore my terrible grip.  It’s from having really long nails and wearing too much jewelry.  I still hit the ball though.  This was a bit of an impromptu event, hence the skirt.


I remember doing things like this when I was younger and I loved it. You just can’t expect me to be good.  I hit the ball maybe 30% of the time.  And about 15% of the time it would actually count as a decent hit.  I also come out of it covered in bruises each time, although I have no idea how.  But still, I love it! I am working on making this a regular thing.  I’ve gone about 4 or so times in the last month.


  1. When I was on the College Program, I'd go to the racquetball courts at Vista Way and practice the same sort of aggression therapy.

    Loud music while you do it helps, too.

    I think this is awesome.

  2. Can we go next time I'm up there? It sounds like fun!

  3. of course, we can! (and it's cheap, too!!!)