Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Crazy Cat Cafe

Despite what the name suggests, this is not a cat café.  This a doll house. A ginormous doll house decorated with lace, paisley, and pink floral glittery wallpaper.  It’s a coffee/gelato shop located in Eunhang-dong, the older downtown area of Daejeon.  And it’s a bit overwhelming.

Joseph, Elizabeth, and I went in one night a few weeks ago during an evening of exploring.  Oh, and yay for finally having Florida friends in Korea!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned that on here yet.



It’s very Victorian-esque, I think.  With many Korean touches.


Everyone can have private rooms.  There were only a few people in here this night. It was rather quiet. (Which is why I was able to act like a tourist running around taking so many pictures.)


And, of course, they make your gelato to look like cats.


I actually think these are really cute.

We decided this place would be really good if you were planning a wedding or bridal shower (which I’m not) but other than that, it’s far too girly for me. Too much pink, glitter and lace all in one my place.

We also found a new Mexican restaurant.  Apparently word finally got out that the foreigners want Mexican food so, we’ve had about 4 new restaurants open in the last few months.  And this picture is Korea at it’s best.  Well, most humorous. Not best.


I might stop in one night to get a brito.  I bet it’s yummy.

After that, we went and grabbed some drinks and sat outside the GS25 Mart for a while and just hung out. Here, most the convenience stores (and there are about 10 per block) will have plastic tables and chairs sitting outside during the warmer months.  The locals and foreigners alike will pop in to grab a cold drink and just hang outside and chat. That’s a social norm here.  I laughed at it for months, just completely not able to comprehend why you would just park yourself outside the 7/11, GS25, or any of the many others. But it’s actually grown on me.  It’s much cheaper than popping in to a coffee shop to hang out.  And it’s better entertainment.  My friend, Chang Lee, from the bbq place down the street also popped by and gave the three of us some treats.  He’s such a nice guy.

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