Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Little Valentine

My Lovely (intentionally capitalized) friend Liz sent Charles and I a super fun care package this week. Her very handsome dog, d’Artagnan, and my very handsome dog, Charles, are now pen pals.  D’Artagnan sent Charles some Valentine’s Day sweets, including a pretty fabulous little t-shirt.  He’s been rockin’ it all over Daejeon.  Well, our three block walking radius anyway.


A gift for me??? You shouldn’t have…


Ok, seriously…where are my presents???


The buffest wiener dog in the Eastern Hemisphere. Charles is more of a small-husky t-shirt size. haha.  I love my dog.


The Emmy over-the-shoulder pose

We love all the little presents you sent, Liz!  Thank you so much!


Other new highlights of recently quiet existence in SoKo…

I’ve been taking Korean lessons at the International Community Center. I heard significantly negative reviews of the class prior to signing up, but I know I need the help so I decided to try them anyway.  It’s every Saturday for ten weeks and we’ve had two classes so far.  I was able to read a movie title on tv the other night so that made me happy.  Granted the movie was Speed  (Sah-Pee-Dah) so it’s not like it was really complicated, but I’m having a ball with it.  And it’s making me feel guilty for not trying harder in French class…all five years of it.

It’s still cold outside.  I’m still boycotting Winter.

SoKo has Accutane so now I have Accutane.  That makes me happy.  Very happy.

The Lunar New Year is next week so I get three days off work.  Most people are traveling to other countries but I am saving pesos so I will just have a few quiet days around Daejeon.  I am definitely looking forward to it.  Maybe do some museums or culture type things around town…or just sit at home and stay warm.

That’s probably all.  It’s been quiet here.  I’ll come up with something fun to write about soon.

My Little Valentine and I are off to bed…



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA... he is seriously the buffest dog in that white tee shirt! HAHAHAHA... awesome. Not sure how Charles Franklin (aka George) is enjoying the snow in Korea, but I assure you, Lovely, that d'Artagnan LOVES all 20" of regular snow and the 4' (yes, you read that correctly) snow DRIFTS we have here in Chicago.

    Miss you! xoxo


  2. I washed the shirt and stretched it out a little so now it fits perfect! And he loves wearing it!!!

    How does d'Artagnan get around in the snow? He is like 6 inches tall?!?!

  3. He LOVES the freaking snow. You'd think he was a sled dog or something. However, we've had some nice days so the snows just about all gone in my backyard and all that's left is mud. Let me assure you that he loves the mud just as much as he previously loved the snow. You know what he doesn't love? Boots. I bought him some boots at Petco and I tried putting them on him and he high-stepped it around my house for about 5 minutes before shaking them violently off. So, those are going back to Petco pronto.

    *shakes head*