Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A 20-Kilometer Day–Part 2

After Becki and I finished our mountain 5k and picked up our awards, we grabbed a taxi over to the Shintanjin side of Gyejoksan.  Here we met Lee Ann and Lydia for the 7k Barefoot walk.  I did this last year as well but this year went much smoother. When you arrive, you check your shoes at the bottom of the mountain and begin your hike. It’s about 2.5km up to the ridge for the 7km.


On a normal day this is great on my feet.  Immediately after doing a 5k however, I was quickly regretting my decision to do both.  It is well documented that walking barefoot is really good for your health though, both in Korea and otherwise.580255_10151052413982391_1919085193_n

There are several little stations set up along the course.  There was sidewalk chalk, deliciously fruity adult beverages, traditional music and mud pits. I like the mud pits.

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We even met the “EcoMan” who is the designated mascot of the event.  You can see his caricature on our numbers.


End of the day dirty, dirty feet. 


By the end, my feet were severely unhappy, however, I was quite pleased with myself.  20km (ish) and it was barely noon.  For those that know me, you know how completely out of character that is for me.

Oh! and we were on the news.  Here’s a few screen shots.

TJB NewsMBC News

You can watch the videos here and here and here.  They are short, but it’s still cool.  Several students came in the the few days that followed and were so excited that they saw me on TV. And the videos won’t work in Chrome so use a different browser.

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