Monday, April 9, 2012

Schedule Changes

Every three months Korean middle school students have testing periods similar to the FCAT, MMATs, and every other state mandated test in America.  The paralysis that plagues most all Florida students grade 3 through High School once a year afflict Korean students four (4!!!) times a year. 

During this time they take intensive classes with the Korean teachers at my hagwon (private academy) and I get a month long reprieve from my middle schoolers.  Which is sad actually because I love my middle school.  It’s the elementary students that make me nervous.

Disclaimer: Every hagwon is run differently so this is purely from my experience.  Once a quarter, the month prior to the epic tests, middle school students often stay at the academy until 1am. (Yes, you read that correctly). They study, take practice exams, and stress themselves beyond belief.  (While I have heard there was recently a law enacted stating that students can’t be at an academy past 10pm it seems that there are quite a few schools that have circumvented this new restriction.) This also greatly impacts the Korean teachers at my school because they are also teaching significantly more classes and also staying until 1am. They are equally stressed so I just try to stay out of their way during this time.

How does it affect me you ask?  I get bored.  Hella bored.  This is my schedule from last month:


That’s a fairly normal schedule for me throughout the year.

And here is my schedule for this month:


I still work from 3-11 pm each day, my days are just drastically less full.  I’ve been a terrible little blogger the past few months. Ok, several months.  I’m hoping this month I can catch up on both my blogging, emailing, and my reading.  I have a lot to do.

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