Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House Grill

This place is amazing so I feel like they deserve some free advertising…

Craving a little of home and having heard rave reviews about this place, LA and I headed over to House Grill this past weekend.  We were immediately giddy just from checking out the menu.  8-10 different kinds of hamburgers (I had the mozzarella burger, she had the swiss), grilled cheese sandwiches, reubens, hot dogs with sauerkraut, chili, and chicken noodle soup.  In a land of kimchi and rice that all sounds so delicious.   (Yes, I know I can make these things at home. blahblahblah.)


I’m not typically a big meat-eater but sometimes you just crave a big juicy hamburger.  This totally fit the bill.  It was so good. There were substantially more fries than appears in this picture.  There was so much food I didn’t finish my meal. 

There is nothing Korean about this restaurant and I say that in the most positive way possible.  It was exactly like a cute little diner that you would find at home.  No kimchi, no side dishes, no chopsticks.  (not saying those are bad things.)  For anyone who has ever spent a long amount of time in a country other than their own, you know how much you just crave the comforts of home sometimes.

The House Grill is located in Yongmoon, subway stop 109.  It’s in the building next to Lotte department store.  (The one with Elves.)  Enter the building through the doors next to Paris Baguette and walk all the way to the down.  It’s on your right.  Here is a blog with pictures and a formal map.


We liked it so much that the following weekend when our friend Jessica came up from her little Korean island we took her there as well.  Sorry the pictures are so dark.  Phone camera….


Grilled cheese with bacon and tomatoes.  Yummmm


and the plain old House Burger. 

Deliciousness all around.


  1. Great Review Amy^^ Keep spreading the word for Brian of House Grill^^

  2. I gave your posting a shoutout on my blog. http://paulandsilas.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/house-grill-reblog/