Saturday, March 12, 2011

I’ve Been Blackmailed

It’s been a rough week.  Homesickness isn’t really something I experience too often, but this week it hit really hard.  I like my job so very much and I’ve made some wonderful friends here, but this week I just craved familiarity.  I miss my Florida life and my friends.  I miss being able to just wake up and walk Charlie in my pj’s without brushing my hair or putting on makeup.  I miss not having to pooper scoop. I miss Netflix.  I miss being able to jump in my car and drive somewhere, anywhere. Although I don’t miss the car payment, insurance, gas and tolls.  I miss being able to call my parents or my sisters just to check in and say hi.  I miss my baby nephew that is only 7 weeks old and I haven’t even met yet!  I miss so many things.

Today I had a fantastic day at work though. That helped a lot. I laughed from start to finish.

It started out with my 4th grade A.D.D. child and his friend. They are terribly difficult to control but after 5 months I have semi-mastered this child with his 5 second attention span. Today we talked about farms and farmers which is extra fun for me since my dad is a farmer. After our lesson we had a few minutes left so they drew me a picture of my dad and his farm.


This is Farmer Joe holding his machete. You also see his farm which is composed of “plants”, a cow, a shark-like animal with legs, and horse/sheep/pig hybrid, and another unidentified animal. 

At the end of class I always make them answer one question before I give them the candy they earned during class.  When I asked, “what is a farmer?”, they both yelled out in unison, “Teacher Amy father is farmer!”  Yay!!!  I was so proud.

A few hours later I was blackmailed by a 15 year old child. This class is a trio of “cool” boys and they caught me off guard so I accidently told them to “shut up.” 

“I didn’t say that, you misheard me.  I said stop it. shut it? shush?” They didn’t buy it.

Not 5 minutes later and one dropped his cell phone on the floor.  “Oh *F-bomb*!”

Oh no!… You can’t say that in my classroom! 

“Teacher, I said, ‘oh beautiful!’”  argh.

You cannot say that in my classroom.  (as I shake uncontrollably from laughter).

“Teacher.  You didn’t say ‘shut up,’ and I didn’t say ‘oh, f-bomb.’ Ok?”

Ugh.  Don’t say it again.

“Teacher, you don’t say ‘shut up’ anymore and I won’t say that anymore.” 

Ugh. Deal.


  1. I am sorry that you are homesick! BUt there are worse places to be stuck when homesick! Thank goodness you still have pizza and KFC and McDonalds and cupcakes. And Home Plus sounds way better than Walmart.

    Wait a minute... All of us should move to Korea! It's like shangri la.

    Shut up is not a bad word, it's just impolite. The f-bomb is a bad word. There's a big difference... not worth explaining?

  2. I tried explaining, they didn't care. And my kids get in a lot of trouble when they say shut up so that's a hard battle to defend.

    and yes, I agree! Everyone should move to Korea! then I wouldn't have to miss everyone!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fantastic lesson Farmer Joe!

    Hey, teach them the Spanish version of "shut up" perhaps not many individuals will know what they are saying.

  4. I will be there in less than 6 weeks!!! :) Can't wait!